Summary: Lead Architect and Developer

  • Strong overall IT knowledge, wide range of relevant technologies
  • Able to think from both technological and business perspective
  • Fast thinker, problem solver, "can do" attitude, "have it done" approach

  • Taking up IT systems in whole: Design and Architecture, Development and Operation
  • Really good at integrating various and disperse technologies into a coherent strong system

Skills, knowledge

vision and strategy

Devise and execute the tech strategy and vision

design and architecture

Create tech strategy and architecture for development projects

technical lead

Lead development and operational team

agile projects

Scrum, Continious integration: Git, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, Phabricator

web development

PHP, Javascript/ES6, React, Redux, D3

SQL database design and optimization

MySQL / Postgress / Oracle databases, replications, triggers, stored procs

'C/C++' programming

Multi-thread, Unix Socket and Network, STL


LAMP stack, Linux/FreeBSD/CentOS, Docker

cloud computing

Amazon AWS EC2

programming languages

PHP, JS/ES6, C/C++, Python, Perl, PL/SQL, some Haskell/Erlang/Scala

Work Experience

Software Developer / Front-end technical lead

01/2013 - 12/2017: Pirum System Ltd, London, United Kingdom
Hands on front-end technical lead, designing and developing solutions in a fintech company for post-trade services and automated stock lending reconciliations.
  • Define the front-end strategy and target architecture, evaluate and select technologies
  • Hiring for front-end, and also did in tech interviews for back-end and tech support
  • Coaching and mentoring junior developers
  • Various projects, architecture design and implementation
    • React/Redux front-end application for financial data visualisation
    • Client and server side API for both UI and services
    • User and permission management system, multi-site authentication, signle sign-on
    • Webserver security, SSL server and client side certicates
    • Database access layer managing connections to few hundreds databases
  • Developing and supporting various financial and securities lending products
    • Securities lending reconciliation
    • Exposure overview
    • Corporate actions
    • Collateral analytics
ES6, React, Redux, D3, jQuery, JWT, Swagger, PHP, MySQL, Docker, Apache, Linux

Lead Architect and Developer

05/2010 - 12/2012: GroupSpaces Ltd, London, United Kingdom
Lead architect and developer for user groups management portal, designing and implementing main system components
  • Distributed job system to scale over 100000 tasks per day across multiple application servers,
  • Amazon S3 back-end storage system managing over 3 million files,
  • Internal network file cache service providing fast shared storage,
  • Email discussion list system, thousands of emails distributed to over 150000 recipients,
  • Customizable theme system and static asset distribution system for end users,
  • Centralized logging solution for servers, services, and applications
  • Package based installation system for servers and server components (EC2, RPM),
  • Migrated the company system (web, application, mail servers) to the Amazon AWS cloud
Amazon EC2 RDS, AMI and API tools, Gearman, Propel, Postfix, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Git, Phabricator, Jenkins/Hudson, RPM, Linux/CentOS, Sun VirtualBox

Lead Developer

10/2009 - 05/2010: Schibsted Classified Media Hungary Ltd, Budapest, Hungary
Lead developer launching a new online classified advertisement portal in a new country for a major international media company
  • Starting and launching online services and portal in a new market
  • High traffic, high load, multi-tier, multi-server, web, transactional and database system
  • Custom Apache and PHP modules
C, PHP, Apache, Postgress, PL/SQL, RPM deployment, Linux/CentOS, Sun VirtualBox

Short term projects

12/2008 - 03/2009: Idealcruising, Ideal Holidays Group, Surrey, United Kingdom
Design and implementation of a communication gateway server to integrate the company web site and the Amadeus GDS and travel booking system.
Web site back-end interface to the communication server
C/C++, STL, multithread and unix socket and networks, PHP, MySQL, XML

03/2008 - 06/2008: Sthree Group, London, United Kingdom
Developed new features for the IT Job Board, United CV Application
PHP, Oracle, PL/SQL, HTML, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Environment

09/2007 - 10/2007: JelSoft Ltd, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Developed new features for the forum and for the project tools community software.

01/2007 - 02/2007: Freelancer, Budapest, Hungary
Website development for a photographer artist
Recruiter agency application to parse and store the uploaded CV’s

Project lead, Technical lead

08/2005 - 11/2006: Jasmin Media Group, Budapest, Hungary
Technical lead and architect of a web hosting portal (30000+ users)
Project and operation lead for Internet payment processing service
  • Development and operation team management (5-7 people)
  • Designed and built the service solution and the architecture
  • Userspace and environment security, 'hacking' the PHP and Apache source code for improved security purposes
  • Apache mass virtual hosting, multi-user MySQL database design and optimization, multi-user FTP services
  • Credit card processing, Internet Payment services, financial data security
  • Load balanced web front-end and back-end, MySQL replicated database storage system
  • 24/7 business-critical high-availability IT services
PHP web and cli, JS, Ajax, Smarty, AdoDB, AMFPHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache, SVN, FreeBSD

Senior Developer

02/2002 - 05/2004: Information Technologies Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
07/1999 - 10/2000:
Web site development in PHP / MySQL, application server developement in C.
  • Internet news portal, community and user management related parts (like forum, email)
  • Real time result processing server for the "Test the Nation" TV show
  • Various website development, database design and optimization
PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache, Linux, C, unix socket and network

Other IT Activities

Developer, Server Admin

2000 - 2004: Bnetd/Pvpgn open source project
  • contributor to an open source game server project (Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft3)
  • web site development, database design and optimization
C, unix socket and network, PHP, MySQL, Shell scripts, Apache, Linux

Irc Network Server Admin

1998 - 2005: Hunchat irc network
  • network patch developer in C, unix socket and network communications
  • IRC network server admin
C, unix socket and network, Linux


01/2014 - present
University of Oxford
MSc in Software Engineering (in progress)
09/2000 - 06/2002
Budapest Business School, College of Finance and Accountancy
Bachelor's Degree (business IT management)
09/1998 - 10/2000
Budapest Polytechnic, 'Kálmán Kandó' Faculty of Electrical Engineering
HND/HNC or equivalent (computer programmer)
09/1992 - 06/1997
Budapest Business School, College of Commerce Catering and Tourism
Bachelor's Degree (catering and hotel management)